Wellston Winter Trails
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Grooming Schedule

No one tells Mother Nature what to do!

This is our planned schedule and we may make changes based on snow conditions and driver availability. 

We have divided our 67 miles of trails into four sections.  All sections start at our grooming barn located at 18151 Old House Rd. (which is also a staging area) in Wellston.  Old House Rd. is actually on part of the combined section of Trails 3 & 6.

Cadillac Trail (Trail # 6, connects to Cadillac Winter Promotions trails at 7 Rd. and has a staging area at the intersection of Low Bridge Rd and M-55)- Groomed Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Irons & Old House- (Trail #3, connects to Benzie-Manistee Snowbirds trails at High Bridge and to the Iron’s trails at 12 Mile Rd)- Groomed  Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Freesoil Spur- (Trail #6 until connecting with Trail # 614 and continues until meeting the Iron’s Trail # 602)- Groomed Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Udell Hills - (Trail #6, with two loops (617 & 606) and continues to the Staging area at Stronach Rd.)- Groomed Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning.

We would like to remind riders to stay on the trails. We do have some trails that go through private properties. Recently some landowners in other parts of the state have withdrawn their permission to use their property for trails due to riders leaving the trails.  One example is the trail between East Jordan and Charlevoix. We don't want that to happen here.

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